M3 (Messier 3, NGC 5272) Globular cluster in Canes Venatici


12" RC - LRGB

      Size: 1300 px    
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© Velimir Popov & Emil Ivanov 2013

Messier 3 (M3, NGC 5272) is a globular cluster about 33 900 light-years away. It is about 31 600 light-years above the Galactic plane and roughly 38 800 light-years from the center of the Milky Way. Globular cluster M3 is made up of around 500 000 stars and it is is extremely rich in variable stars, about 274 variables have been found, more than in every other globular cluster in our Milky Way galaxy. These include 133 RR Lyrae variables, of which about a third display the Blazhko effect of long-period modulation.

Object details

Right Ascension 13:42:11.23 (h:m:s)
Declination +28:22:31.6 (deg:m:s)
Distance ~ 33.9 (кly)
Apparent Dimension 18 x 18 (arc min)

Image details:


Center of field RA 13:42:11.5000 (h:m:s)
Center of field DE +28:23:06.766 (deg:m:s)
Size 22.6 x 22.6 (arcmin)
Pixel scale: 1.04 (arcsec/pixel)
Orientation: North is up
Charts and image details obtained from Astrometry.net
Optic(s): RC 12" with Astro-Physics corrector @ f/5 (RC)
Mount: ASA DDM85 Premium
Camera: ATIK 4000 M
Filters: Astronomik II: Lum, Red, Green, Blue, Ha, OIII and SII
Dates/Times: 2.03.2013
Location: IRIDA Observatory, BG, longitude: E 24 44' 18", latitude: N 41 41' 42"
Exp. Details: L: 5x2 min, R: 5x2 min, G: 5x2 min, B: 5x2 min
  Bin 1, Total Exposure Time - 40 min
More details: Dark and flat frames reduction
Processing: PixInsight / PS
Copyright: Velimir Popov and Emil Ivanov 2013. All Rights Reserved
e-mail: info@irida-observatory.org
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