Last updated on 12 September 2017
    TSE 2017 TSE 2017 - plane crossing TSE 2017 - Moon shadow TSE 2017 - corona HDR
TSE 2017 - solar corona, Regulus TSE 2017 - diamond ring Small Magellanic Cloud Large Magellanic Cloud Antares region wide field Milky Way from Scutum to Centaurus
Moon, Milky Way Southern Cross setting Scorpius setting Orion rising Orion rising Moon, Venus and Jupiter
Eta Carinae, Running Chicken Setting Milky Way Mars and Saturn setting Mars and Saturn M 8, M 20 Fornax galaxies cluster
Eta Carinae rising Southern Cross α and β Centauri setting Scorpius setting Sunset Venus and Jupiter
α and β Centauri Southern star trails Magellanic Clouds, Eta Carinae Moon and Mercury Moon and Mercury Moon and Mercury
Constellation Emu Magellanic Clouds Large Magellanic Cloud Eta Carinae Bolide Milky Way over Tivoli
Eta Carinae setting Corona Australis Moon, Venus and Jupiter Moon and Venus Ursa Major upside down Large Magellanic Cloud
Before dawn Eta Carinae, Running Chicken Southern star trails Eta Carinae between palm trees Crux, Musca, Carina Milky Way in Ophiuchus and Scorpius
Milky Way mosaic Milky Way Center Southern star trails Milky Way Center Dark Doodad in Musca Antares region
Many thanks to our friend and hobby fellow Ivaylo Stoynov, who gave us a free copy of his great program APT - Astro Photography Tool. Most of the deep-sky images on this page are acquired using this program.
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