NGC 3247 and NGC 3199 in Carina (two frame mosaic)

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© Velimir Popov & Emil Ivanov 2013

NGC 3247 and NGC 3199 can be imaged in one field of view with a wide angle imaging setup or one can produce mosaic from two or more frames.

NGC 3247 - This giant HII region and massive star formation region in the Carina arc is associated with the star cluster Westerlund 2. There are two Wolf Rayet stars (WR 20a and WR 20b) as well as at least a dozen O-stars within this massive cluster. The hottest known O-star is the O3V. A 2007 study gives a distance estimate of 26 000 ly +/- 4 500 ly.

NGC 3199 - Hanging out some 11 736 light years away in the southern constellation of Carina, NGC 3199 is classed as a diffuse nebula embedded with a Wolf-Rayet star. Near the center of the ring is a Wolf-Rayet star, a massive, hot, short-lived star that generates an intense stellar wind. The nebula is about 75 light-years across. The Wolf-Rayet nebula NGC 3199 has a highly asymmetric morphology, with a very bright hemisphere near the exciting star HD 89358 and a much fainter and more extended other hemisphere. This nebula is modeled in terms of the distorted bubble produced by a moving star blowing a strong stellar wind into a surrounding uniform interstellar medium. This model is fitted to the morphology and observed kinematic data. The exciting star appears to be moving at about 60 km/s into local interstellar gas of density of about 10/cu cm, and has a mass-loss rate of about 0.000027 solar mass/yr. This latter mass-loss rate is in excellent agreement with observed mass-loss rates from Wolf-Rayet stars.

Brief adapted information: The Wolf-Rayet nebula NGC 3199 - an interstellar snow plough? (Dyson, J. E.; Ghanbari, J.)

Objects details

  NGC 3247 NGC 3199
Right Ascension 10:24:01 (h:m:s) 10:16:33 (h:m:s)
Declination -57:45:30 (deg:m:s) -57:56:02 (deg:m:s)
Distance ~ 26 200 (ly) ~ 11 736 (ly)
Apparent Dimension - (arc min) 22 (arc min)

Image details


Center of field RA 10:21:13 (h:m:s)
Center of field DE -57:55:58 (deg:m:s)
Size 1.37 x 2.03 (deg)
Pixel scale: 1.23 (arcsec/pixel)
Orientation: Up is -178 degrees E of N
Charts and image details obtained from
Optic(s): 16" f3,75 Dream Corrected Astrograph (DCA)
Mount: Astelco NTM-500 direct drive mount
Camera: Apogee Alta U-16M CCD camera
Filters: Lum, Red, Green, Blue, Ha, OIII and SII Astrodon
Dates/Times: From 3 to17 of May 2013
Location: Namibia-TIVOLI ASTROFARM, S 23° 27' 40,9" / E 18° 01' 02,2"
Exp. Details:

NGC 3247: L:5x10min, R:4x10min, G:4x10min, B:4x10min, Ha:7x15min

NGC 3199: L:3x10min, R:3x10min, G:3x10min, B:3x10min, Ha:4x15min


Bin 1, Total Exposure Time - 455 min (7:35 hours)

More details: Dark and flat frames reduction
Processing: PixInsight / PS
Copyright: Velimir Popov and Emil Ivanov 2013. All Rights Reserved
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