2MASS J16211735 + 4412541 - тhe newly discovered eclipsing cataclysmic star


The newly discovered eclipsing cataclysmic star 2MASS J16211735 + 4412541 and its peculiarity

Diana P. Kjurkchieva, Velimir A. Popov, Doroteya L. Vasileva, Nikola I. Petrov


2MASS J16211735 + 4412541

Other designations: 1SWASP J162117.36+441254.2, CSS 160603:162117+441254, CSS J162117.3+441254, CSS J162117.4+441254,

GSC 03068-02067, LINEAR 18024182, SDSS J162117.35+441254.1, UCAC4 672-059560

Reference CCD frame with the callibration stars


2MASS J16211735 + 4412541 - folded light curve from all data (IRIDA, SWASP and AAVSO)


Top: IRIDA multicolor curves of 2MASS J16211735 + 4412541 at quiescence and their fits; bottom: AAVSO light curve at outburst and its fit.

3D configurations of 2MASS J16211735 + 4412541: top - at quiescence at phase 0.3; bottom - at outburst at phase 0.75

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