CTA 102 (Peg) - extragalactic BL Lacertae-type object (BLLac)


Intra-night variability of the blazar CTA 102 during its 2012 and 2016 giant outbursts

Bachev, R.; Popov, V.; Strigachev, A.; Semkov, E.; Ibryamov, S.; Spassov, B.; Latev, G.; Muñoz Dimitrova, R. V.; Boeva, S.


CTA 102 blazar is further classified as flat-spectrum radio quasar (FSRQ)

Source of strong X-ray radiation and radio waves, the emission displays strong and variable linear polarization in the visible and infrared spectral regions.

Other designations:

0FGL J2232.4+1141, 1E 2230.1+1128, 1FGL J2232.5+1144, 1RXS J223236.8+114331, 2E 2230.1+1128, 2E 4622, 2EG J2233+1140, 2MASS J22323640+1143508, 3EG J2232+1147, CMC14 J223236.4+114350, CTA 102, DA 582, EGR J2234+1127, GALEX 2690348835459302919, IERS B2230+114, INTREF 1082, JVAS J2232+1143, LEDA 2819036, MRC 2230+114, NVSS J223236+114350, PBC J2232.4+1144, PKS 2230+11, PKS 2230+114, PKS J2232+1143, QSO B2230+1128, QSO B2230+114, QSO J2232+1143, RGB J2232.6+1143, RX J2232.5+1143, RX J2232.6+1143, RX J2232.6+1143 2, S2 2230+11, SDSS J223236.41+114350.9, SWIFT J2232.3+1141, SWIFT J2232.5+1141, TXS 2230+114, USNO-A2.0 0975-20981161, USNO-B1.0 1017-0678488, UT 2230+114, WB 2230+1128, [VV2006] J223236.4+114351

Reference CCD frame with the callibration stars


Light curves


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