Comet C/2015 ER61 PanSTARRS over LBN 773 on 16th October 2017

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© Velimir Popov & Emil Ivanov 2017

Comet C/2015 ER61 PanSTARRS was discovered on March 15, 2015 when it was 8.44 AU from the Sun,at magnitude 21.5. On January 30, 2016, it was classified as a comet when it was 5.7 AU from the Sun. It comes close to Jupiter, and a close approach in the past threw it on the distant orbit it is on now. This image shows the comet on the night of October 16th 2017, when it was situated over the molecular cloud LBN 773, not far from Pleiades.

Image details:


Center of field RA 03:36:12 (h:m:s)
Center of field DE +21:17:32 (deg:m:s)
Size 1.65 x 1.1 (deg)
Pixel scale: 2.99 (arcsec/pixel)
Orientation: Up is 249 degrees E of N
Charts and image details obtained from
Optic(s): ASA 12" Astrograph @ f/3.6 (Newton)
Mount: ASA DDM85 Standard
Camera: SBIG STL 11000 M
Filters: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Astronomik filters
Dates/Times: 16. Oct. 2017
Location: IRIDA Observatory, BG, longitude: E 24 44' 18", latitude: N 41 41' 42"
Exp. Details: L:3x3min., R:3x3 min, G:3x3 min, B:3x3 min, Bin 2, Total Exposure Time - 36 min.
More details: Dark and flat frames reduction
Processing: PixInsight / PS
Copyright: Velimir Popov and Emil Ivanov 2013 - 2017. All Rights Reserved
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