VdB 19 in Perseus



12" ASA - LRGB

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© Velimir Popov & Emil Ivanov 2013
VdB 19 (other catalogue numbers: IC 348, IC 1985, DG 23, Ced 20, LBN 758, Magakian 49, Bernes 67),or Flying Ghost Nebula is a reflection nebula which lies a few arcminutes from the 3.8 mag. star Omicron Persei. Its double IC number is due to the fact that Dreyer put this nebula into the first IC apparently without seeing Safford's footnote: "A loose cluster with nebula".


Image details:


Center of field RA 03:44:28 (h:m:s)
Center of field DE +32:10:56 (deg:m:s)
Size 1.69 x 1.13 (deg)
Pixel scale: 1.8 (arcsec/pixel)
Orientation: Up is -91.9 degrees E of N
Charts and image details obtained from Astrometry.net
Optic(s): ASA 12" Astrograph @ f/3.6 (Newton)
Mount: ASA DDM85 Standard
Camera: SBIG STL 11000 M
Filters: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Astronomik filters
Dates/Times: 13, 14 and 17.11.2012
Location: IRIDA Observatory, BG, longitude: E 24 44' 18", latitude: N 41 41' 42"
Exp. Details: L:19x10min, R:12x10 min, G:11x10 min, B:11x10 min Bin 1, Total: 530 min. (7:10 hrs)
More details: Dark and flat frames reduction
Processing: PixInsight / PS
Copyright: Velimir Popov and Emil Ivanov 2013. All Rights Reserved
e-mail: info@irida-observatory.org
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