VdB 71, VdB 76 - reflection nebulae in Orion

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© Velimir Popov & Emil Ivanov 2016

This images covers an area in the eastern part of the constellation Orion, a few degrees from the border with the Unicorn. A few objects are visible here (please see the annotation mouseover). Among them are VdB 71 and VdB 76. Vdb 71 is illuminated by the satr HD 252680, a main sequence blue star of spectral class B2V, with an apparent magnitude of 9.15. The nebula appears in the same region at the galactic cloud LDN 1571, in its turn, linked physically to the open cluster NGC 2169. This cluster aged about 7.7 million years, contains some stars of class B, responsible for the ionization of the surrounding gas. The measurements put it at 1,032 parsecs, a distance similar to that, according to some studies, is the entire region Sh2-268 (also visible on the image). VdB 76 in its turn is a tiny reflection nebula, illuminated by the star HD 42594.

Image details:


Center of field RA 06:11:05 (h:m:s)
Center of field DE +13:54:51 (deg:m:s)
Size 1.95 x 1.3 (deg)
Pixel scale: 2.99 (arcsec/pixel)
Orientation: Up is -75.2 degrees E of N
Charts and image details obtained from Astrometry.net
Optic(s): ASA 12" Astrograph @ f/3.6 (Newton)
Mount: ASA DDM85 Standard
Camera: SBIG STL 11000 M
Filters: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Astronomik filters
Dates/Times: 2 Nov., 5 Dec. 2016
Location: IRIDA Observatory, BG, longitude: E 24 44' 18", latitude: N 41 41' 42"
Exp. Details: L: 6x10, R:6x10 min, G:6x10 min, B:6x10 min, Bin 1, Total Exposure Time - 240 min. (4:00 h)
More details: Dark and flat frames reduction
Processing: PixInsight / PS
Copyright: Velimir Popov and Emil Ivanov 2013 - 2016. All Rights Reserved
e-mail: info@irida-observatory.org
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