V2551 Cyg (Cyg) - pulsating star (likely HADS - high-amplitude delta Scuti variable)


V2551 Cyg: a pulsating star with enigmatic peculiarities - Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 17 (2017) 69

Diana P. Kjurkchieva, Velimir A. Popov, Dragomir V. Marchev, Kenneth T. Menzies and Nikola I. Petrov


V2551 Cyg (Cyg)

Other designations: UCAC4 714-073351; 2MASS J20353652+5245453, GSC 03950-00275

Reference CCD frame with the callibration stars

g', i' and g'- i' (Light curves of V2551 Cyg)

B-V-Ic light curves of V2551 Cyg

Folded light curves of V2551 Cyg

Spectra of V2551 Cyg

Periodogram of V2551 Cyg

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